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Learn and Teach Earthly, Intake Earthly, Make Earthly. Let us return to the Earth.

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Herbs, Plants, and Roots


We are of the earth! let us return for restoration and rebirth! 

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Spiritual Adornments


Beautiful Soul thirsting decorative items design to sate the Spirit.

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Incenses, Candles, and Cleansing

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HerbU was created for the earthman to go back to the land for spiritual healing and beauty!

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The What Next!



What's next! this is how we think these days because of all the health issues we face. I would have never thought that our memories would be erased from our minds; yet; now we hear the words, dementia and Alzheimer in our everyday conversation. It is saddening to know that our world would be fighting multiple diseases and ailments; We live with the fear that each year; thanks to Global Warming, the Seasons will get hotter and hotter. It is unbearable to some; death to others. We think, “what do we do”, "What Next!  HerbU was put together to find ways to avoid the health issues caused by the ignorance of nature's ability to heal us all. The encouraging unity of people making the right decision in taking care of oneself by inducing the correct resources in our bodies. Because we are unable to stop Global Warming, we need a way to protect and shield ourselves to survive it. Through the unity of the HerbU community and research, we will help one another.


Earth Knowlege

Spiritual Cleansing and Healing List

Healing and Spiritual Merchandise 

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